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Terms of submission


Prose submissions, which may be in the form of a short story, an article, or an item of comment, must relate to some aspect of the Arthurian legends, and should not exceed 1200 words in length.

Poetry submissionms, which may be in any form, must relate to some aspect of the Arthurian legends, and should not exceed 80 lines in length.

Submitting an item for inclusion in the Contributions pages of this website will be taken as the senderís confirmation  that the person submitting is the author of the work, and that, without prejudice to the authorís copyright, submission signifies the authorís agreement for the work to be published in the pages of this website.

Submission will also be taken to signify the authorís agreement that will not be liable to pay any fee or royalties in respect of items published in the pages of this website.

NB. is intended as a safe site, suitable for children to visit, and reserves the right to reject any submission which could be considered to be of an offensive nature or which may contain material or language which could in general terms be considered to be offensive.

Making a submission

Submissions should be sent as an e-mail file attachment, and must include the following:

1. The item title.     2. The authorís name.     3. A contact e-mail address.    Please also advise whether or not you wish your contact e-mail address to be shown on the Contributions page.

Notification of receipt will be sent by e-mail to the contact address, together with confirmation of acceptance or rejection and an indication of the date when an accepted item will be published in the website.



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